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Peach buttock cushion

It is a beautiful buttock artifact, have physical carry buttock, it accord with human body engineering, carry buttock to get fit, sat down, on both sides of the hips force first, uh, tyra packages, hip, shape boo, let hip full support, and cushion close skin nicely balanced pressure relief, comfortable to sit sense enjoyment, suitable for all kinds of sedentary people, sexy ass "sit" to come out, say goodbye to the hip external expansion, Flat butt, so you have a perfect butt.

High and low swallow tail pillows

Humanized curve design, well fit the human neck curve, give you triple relaxation, a smooth breathing, two support cervical spine, triple relaxation muscles; Pure natural memory cotton, choke full storage, good air permeability, comfortable antibacterial, help you improve sleep, two different heights, find a suitable height for you to sleep, suitable for your cervical curve, improve sleep comfort, you can sleep peacefully for a whole night.


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